Working With Nurses

I have just watched someone throw away a video that is shown to registered nurses, informing them how to perform a cervical smear. They threw it away because new guidelines have been issued. I must see this video. Not only will it contain hot fanny spatula action guaranteed, but it will contain out-of-date hot fanny spatula action.
It’s at the bottom of a pile of crap. The woman who threw away the precious video is covering it in out-of-date leaflets about cancer and breast scanning. Boooooring. I’m going to have to offer to take the rubbish box out, so that I can fish out the video. I have to see what it is they did to my mum, that made her come home and say “well, I didn’t think much to that”.
There’s also four midriffs with their cervices right out, and a quite needless anus. Oh God, the woman’s now waving a speculum about, and discussing fanny sizes without pausing to beat herself on the back of the head. This is too much – I want to make all the rude sounds that they should be making.
I’m going to have to stay at work late tonight – wait until everyone’s gone home. I’ve got my camera with me. I’m very excited. I love working with nurses.

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