I Trumped Seven Time In Two Minute

This entry is karma for my previous “work toilet” entry, in which the man in the next cubicle made wild rattling noises and gasped “shit“. This time, it was my turn to be the monster in the cupboard.
I’ve just had the one moment in my life that means I don’t need to live any more – I just want to live the last few moments over, and over, again. I’ve just spent a full two minutes crying with laughter, padding my little feet on the floor, and nearly screaming with delight. Oh God, please let me tell you why.
I just went to the toilet in work. Unusually, both the other cubicles were full, so I went into the third booth, dropped my grubbies, and got ready to untidy myself. But what came out was a succession of what I can only – in all fairness – describe as trumps.
The first fart with any shit is forgivable, and to be expected. I’m not puerile, so I didn’t laugh at this fart. I did listen to the reactions of the other cubicles – it’s something of a catchphrase in my family to appreciatively cheer “Good Arse” after a peculiarly beefy trump. There was no reaction, so I got on with the more serious business of having a shit.
But no shit was to come. What came instead was another fart. Identical in tone, timbre and moisture as the last, if nipped to a close earlier, thanks to a sense of mild embarrassment. The similarity of the farts made me smile a little, and made me think about all the old theories we came up with as children to explain different kind of farts – fatness, gayness, and so on. And all the names for farts we had, from the onomatopoeic “pern” to the Angry Anderson (aggressive, comes from Down Under). These memories make me smile, but I really am thinking more about having a shit.
I relax and gently push for a third time, but I’m prepared for the fart, and ready to pinch it off instantly. I can feel my mouth starting to crinkle, but at this stage I mistake it for concentration, and don’t admit to myself that I’m on the verge of laughing out loud. So when my tense sphincter produces a totally different squeaker-style fart, I’m not ready to stifle the “aha!” laugh that jumps out.
So now, I’m fucked. The fact that I audibly chuckled, and didn’t even disguise it to sound like a grunt of effort, means that they know I’m in a cubicle, farting and laughing to myself. This was made worse by my clumsy attempt at a late conversion – a wild effort to make any sound that would make the laugh sound like something that wasn’t a laugh. My conversion sound was a gasping, quiet “uphooo”.
If I’d heard that sound coming from another cubicle, I would have pictured them pressing against the walls in fear at what was about to happen; a brown down-volcano spitting its first sloppy rocks. My farts had so far been dry, thankfully – I think I would have fallen off the bowl if I’d sputtered. But everything is building up, and I’m starting to revert.
I’ve also seen the flaw in my plan to stifle the farts; I’m having a shit. I’m going to have to get rid of the air, first. I lack the internal dexterity to manoeuvre a balloonful of air around or through a turd. Now that I’ve been stupid enough to cut that fart off mid-toot, I’ve got more left. So I either wait for the other two men to leave, or I just get a grip, act my age, and fart what is left onto the water.
Unfortunately, I’ve totally reverted to schoolboy mode, and during the two second fart that follows, I’m laughing like Muttley would laugh during a two minute silence. If he was fucking rabid. I put my hand to the wall to steady myself, and I hit the oversized toilet roll dispenser, which makes a sound loud enough to imply that my cubicle is a rocket ship that’s about to take off.
I give in. There’s more fart left, but if I don’t stop soon I’ll shit myself laughing.
I can’t stop laughing now. I don’t even need to fart to set myself off. I only have to picture the faces of the people in their private shittoirs, and I’m off. The sixth fart comes from this juddering heap – by now, I really don’t have enough control over my body to stop farts coming out. This isn’t helped by the absolute silence from the other cubicles. If one of them would just laugh, or acknowledge the farts, it would break the spell. The fact I’m imagining them to be appalled is just making me worse.
I swap between gasping, laughing, wobbling, biting my fist – and it’s when biting my fist that the sixth flies out. This makes me stop shaking – or perhaps I’m shaking so fast I can no longer feel it – and raise my eyebrows in a disbelieving appreciation of what is happening to my poor anus. It’s fair to say that I’m having the time of my fucking life.
The seventh fart proves to be the last, and it’s mercifully short, as the turtle finally stops coughing and sticks its head down my toot-chute. This kills the charm, at last, and I can finally calm down. Even though I do feel like I’ve just done a brazillion sit-ups. The other chambers remains silent, so I suspiciously look under the partition. Sure enough, there’s feet. So, with a final, wry chuckle, of the kind that Oscar Wilde might use after saying “ah, but tis better to have a wind-filled shit than a sin-filled wit” or something gay like that, I run without washing my hands back to my desk.
On the upside, it was a clean break and barely needed wiping.

14 thoughts on “I Trumped Seven Time In Two Minute”

  1. That’s weird. I didn’t know that happened if someone linked to my site. You can click on Stigmund’s name, and go to his site. And I don’t even know if he knows that. I wonder if Stigmund is lovely?

  2. BrrrrraaaaaAAAAA ba ba ba ba Bum Bum, dadadadada DA DUM!
    I thought that it was a trombone – did you manage the entire thing, or literally just the beginning part?
    My girlfriend asked me this morning to check my knickers, because she heard me fart really loudly in my sleep last night, and thought I might have shat myself.
    I checked, and I had.

  3. I just cried, cried with laughter. In front of a room full of people on the phone. None of them could ask what I was laughing at. Now I can sit here all superior… or at least I could if my laugh didn’t sound like a whale getting the hiccups during sex with a pig.

  4. Stigmund *is* lovely! I know him personally. It was thanks to the fabulous me that he found you.
    While having a poop in my toilet (if you know what I mean) he read your book and fell in love with you.
    It was a sad day for so many of the world who lost him.

  5. BrrrrraaaaaAAAAA ba ba ba ba Bum Bum, dadadadada DA DUM!
    Just the BrrrrraaaaaAAAAA actually. It was so promising perfect a beginning that I was somewhat crestfallen when Rita didn’t burst in asking what was for dinner.
    “Bumbrown’s!” I would have exclaimed.

  6. Every few years I find this blog post again and laugh uncontrollably. It’s the most amazing piece of writing I’ve had the pleasure of reading, maybe ever. I still say it’s better to have a wind filled shit than a sin filled wit.


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