The First 100 Crow Films

  • The Crow
  • The Crow 2: The City of Angels
  • The Crow 3: Salvation
  • The Crow 4: The Wicked Prayer
  • The Crow 5: The Crucible of Vengeance
  • The Crow 6: The Deadly Rooftop Solo
  • The Crow 7: The Deadly Dance of the Crow
  • The Crow 8: The Eldritch Bedfellows Of The Crow
  • The Crow 9: The Reluctant Crow Of The Crow
  • The Crow 10: Belinda (The Lady Crow)
  • The Crow 11: Crowbot 2K
  • The Crow 12: The Rooftop Death Solo Of The Crow
  • The Crow 13: The Twilight Crow Harvest
  • The Crow 14: The Raven Calls
  • The Crow 15: Return Of The Murdercrow
  • The Crow 16: The Hollow Sadness Of Bedlam
  • The Crow 17: You Never Really Thought The Crow Was Dead, But Here Is Irrefutable Proof That He Is Not
  • The Crow 18: The Dirge-Wallow Trumpet
  • The Crow 19: The Emotional Sadness Of Bedlam
  • The Crow 20: :'(
  • The Crow 21: Gundam Wing Crow
  • The Crow 22: The Briskest Justice
  • The Crow 23: My Guitar Solo Just Became Sentient And It, Too, Wept
  • The Crow 24: The Crow Below
  • The Crow 25: Groovy Crow Adventure
  • The Crow 26: The Revenant’s Bazaar
  • The Crow 27: The Raven Called Again, I Told Him You Were Out
  • The Crow 28: The Asylum Is Full Of Crows, Can We Do Something About It
  • The Crow 29: Mint Julips
  • The Crow 30: Clumsy Crow’s Milk-Slip Adventures
  • The Crow 31: Poor Crow
  • The Crow 32: It’s No Secret, I’m a Crow
  • The Crow 33: Congratulations, You Have Unlocked Schoolgirl Crow
  • The Crow 34: Rooftop Guitar Solo Death
  • The Crow 35: Hungry O’Clock At The Crow Shack Diner
  • The Crow 36: These Foolish Crows Remind Me Of Crows
  • The Crow 37: A Thoroughly Indispensable Crow
  • The Crow 38: My Crow Went In Your Garden, Can I Have Him Back Please
  • The Crow 39: Hold On, Wait, This Is Not My Crow, How Many Crows Do You Have In Your Garden
  • The Crow 40: C.R.O.W.
  • The Crow 41: Rainbow Crow Strikes Again
  • The Crow 42: Shut Up, I’m The Crow
  • The Crow 43: On The Wings of a Prayer, To Satan
  • The Crow 44: Take It On The Beak
  • The Crow 45: The Desolation Of The Loneliest Isolation
  • The Crow 46: Your Massive Crow Sig Is Fucking up The Site Layout
  • The Crow 47: I Am Neither Animal, Vegetable, Nor Mineral: I Am Crow
  • The Crow 48: Crow Is Not Animal, Shut Up
  • The Crow 49: Like a Crow
  • The Crow 50: Shush Dude, The Crow’s On The Roof, He’s Playing A Deadly Guitar Solo Immediately Pre-Kicking Some Ass
  • The Crow 51: Not Unlike A Crow
  • The Crow 52: Modern Crow’s Internet Adventures
  • The Crow 53: The Circus Comes To Town (And The Ringmaster Is Either The Crow Or The Main Villain, Therein Lies The Twist)
  • The Crow 54: The Gigantic Jewel Heist Caper
  • The Crow 55: And Then Enid Blyton Appeared To Me (As a Crow)
  • The Crow 56: Non-Erotic Confessions of a Crow
  • The Crow 57: Tower Of Crows Trying To Get Into The Cinema
  • The Crow 58: Tenderly, My Sweet Crow, We Shall Drift Through Death
  • The Crow 59: I Can’t, I’m Allergic
  • The Crow 60: The Crow Leaves It Until The Last Minute To Fly Off
  • The Crow 61: One-Sided Interview With a Crow
  • The Crow 62: Not Literally A Crow
  • The Crow 63: What The Fuck, You Killed My Girlfriend – The Second I Stop Mourning You Are So Dead
  • The Crow 64: The Ghastlycrumb Bloodclart
  • Chapter 65 Of The Crow
  • The Crow 66: One-Way Trip To Titterville On The Haha Boat
  • The Crow 67: The Crow Investigates That New Chocolate Factory
  • The Crow 68: Do I Look Like I Want A Lemonade Top, Why Would You Even Ask That? Life Must Be An Endless Enquiry Into An Infinite Number Of Unlikely Possibilities For You, No Wonder You Work In A Bar Yes I Know It’s Harsh But You Really Just Pissed Me Off
  • The Crow 69: Caw Blimey rofl
  • The Crow 70: The Crow Has Just Signed In
  • The Crow 71: The Crow Is Busy and May Not Reply

It was at this stage that the stopped using numbers in the film titles. To some, this marked a watershed drop in quality, but they remain well-loved classics amongst anyone who truly knows what it is to love a crow.

  1. Ross Perot vs The Crow
  2. Save The Last Crow For Me And My Crow
  3. International Crow Patrol
  4. The Crow Enters A Nightclub And Delivers What He Believes To Be Brisk Justice
  5. The Crow Is Humbled, And Forced To Concede He Wasn’t In Possession Of The Full Facts
  6. The Profound Madness Of The Infinitely Recursive Crow
  7. Pocket Crow and the Milky-Faced Baker
  8. As The Crow Flies In A Straight Line, So Do I (I Am The Crow btw)
  9. The Crow Encounters an Obstacle
  10. That’s The Crow, Right There
  11. Could You Point Him Out To The Crows Assembled Here Today?
  12. I Have No Fingers, Just Feathers On My Wings
  13. Indulge Me This Once, For The Benefit Of The Courtroom
  14. By Using My Feathers?
  15. Yes, Sir, Point To The Crow Who Did This Terrible Deed By Using Your Feathers
  16. OK I’ll Try
  17. The Wild Fanning Of Your Wings Has Just Sealed The Conviction Of Everyone In This Courtroom
  18. This Is Just The Kind Of Brisk Justice I Have Become Accustomed To, As The Crow
  19. Disappointing Ghost Train
  20. Crow Me A River (Of Crows)
  21. Acting Beyond His Physical Capabilities, The Crow Becomes Briefly Incapacitated, And Is Buoyed Only By The Thought Of The Terrible Revenge He Will Wreak On Those That Have Brought Him To This
  22. Shake a Tail Feather Ms Crow
  23. The Long Wide Crow
  24. The Crow Is As Big As The Moon, His Legs Are Long, His Feet Are Belgium(s)
  25. Oh, It’s A Pair of Lovely Crow Earrings, How Did You Know
  26. Phil H. Crow
  27. The Crow Finds Happiness And It Lasts Forever
  28. Crow Crow The Crow CROW Crow Of CROW CROW: crow
  29. Cheeky Joe Crow vs The Wifebeaters

Thanks Steve Hogarty, you are a bigger and darker hero than any crow you care to mention (don’t tell The Crow I said that)

13 thoughts on “The First 100 Crow Films”

  1. Do you own all of them, Log?
    I’m missing only The Crow 59: I Can’t, I’m Allergic. ANYONE WHO HAS THIS PLZ GET IN TOUCH.

  2. Dear Log
    This is just like that year when there were 365 Christmases in a row [1997].
    Kind Regards,

  3. What’s your favourite Crow quote.
    Mine’s from Crow 69.
    CROW (Adam Woodyatt): I have a riddle. What’s crow shaped and kills non-crows?
    BADDIE (Sir Michael Caine): Fuck off back to your nest, Crow.
    CROW: That’s not very nice. You are a big cunt.

  4. what the fuck!? Brandon Lee is the Crow, even Vincent Perez in the second one was half decent. making this many copies just destroys it completely. why would u want to watch that many films of the crow.

  5. wth there has been this many crows shiet, i want to watch crow zero, but wth are all these other ones, where can i watch them, just for the sake of saying i watched them

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