It's Time The Tale Were Told…

…of how my trousers fell down and I laughed. If you’re thinking “that’s all very well, but’s I very much doubt if it’s something The Guardian would print in their Comments & Debate section” – if that’s what you’re thinking – then I can see your point. But you’d be wrong!
Anyone buying the nation’s most well-meaning newspaper tomorrow (Monday 12th) will get the chance to read exactly such a story, in which my trousers are quite brutally ripped off. It may not be something that the nation needs to read, but it’s got to be better than this, right? Yeah?
Alternately, you could just look at this link, where the new article will appear as soon as it’s up. And my fourth piece, believe it or not, actually expresses an earnest opinion. The last time I did that, I swear I nearly wiped out organised religion.

6 thoughts on “It's Time The Tale Were Told…”

  1. Hello,
    You’ve doubled up on the http’s in your link there, leading browsers to redirect to .
    Might want to fix that, unless you’ve actually got ownership of . If that’s actually the case then I want my money back for this network managing tool you sold me. It’s rubbish.

  2. Okay, but what about all the Bulgarian office furniture links?
    No, like completely serious. Here’s how the blog post showed up on Google Reader?
    Nice attempt at subtle mid-sentence subliminal advertising, Log. Sneak into my groovy 60’s space lounge and insert it into all my Angela Rippon porn as well, why don’t you.

  3. Fucking hell… does this mean I’ve been hacked by the world’s leading Bulgarian furniture portal? They might be stepping up their efforts for the Furniture 2008 exhibition…

  4. How do I leave a comment under the article? I’ve registered and everything. I want to make up an absurd embarrassing incident and post it in the comments.
    How to?


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