Happy Birthday Steve

Steve: do you think cockatiels enjoy singing like we enjoy singing
Log: I wonder if they’re trying to impress us into having sex with them. I thought that’s what birdsong was all about. Or territory. Perhaps they’re telling us to get out
Steve: well, when we sing we are trying to impress people on to our cocks/into our vaginas
Log: I suppose. Singing in the shower, we might as well be saying “i am naked, i couldn’t be more ready for sex”
Steve: nobody sings during sex as it is redundant
Log: Unless the other person begins to look bored
Steve: then you might hum something
Log: Personally, I’d bring out the big guns. Belt out a couple of verses of nessun dorma, right up em
Out of interest, it is Steve‘s 23rd birthday today, and he’s having it at a karaoke bar. Girls – if his eyes land on you when he sings “and it’s as big as a whale!” from Love Shack, cross your legs immediately.
Happy Birthday, Steve!

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