Holy Fuck, Is That The Time?

Video Week has been cut short! Why’s that? I’ll tell you for whys! I got really, really, distracted. A) I was chatting to loads of people on MSN Messenger and they were all like “come on join the party” and I came back with “you better get this party started cos I’m the kinda guy … Read more

Brenda : The "Approaching Obsession" Years

Brenda was on a bit of a roll, yesterday. I listened to it for half the day, and I was getting to such a state of frantic desk-scratching, that I decided to boot myself up the arse and do something about it. Did I confront her, and ask her to stitch a zip on the … Read more

Out And About With Brenda

< < Who the Hell is Brenda? : Intro | Additional First of all, uncountable thanks to Robert, who delightfully adorned Brenda with a brown accolade. Look at the affection she shows to her mucky bangle – her cheek rests adoringly on the greasy tracks, as it snakes unwholesomely past her, no doubt to rest … Read more

Quick Brenda Update

Brenda, the lady who sits opposite me at work, and a woman whom I despise with a kind of joyful clench, has just walked in at 9:53. This is pretty late, by all accounts, so from observing her habits, I know she’s going to shout really loud about some outrageous fucking lie to justify this … Read more

Stop Making Me Want You To Die

This office just took a downturn. Let me introduce you to yesterday, with Brenda. 9:10 We walked into the office together. When we reached our desks, she screeched in her vinegar whine over the tables. “So why were you late?” Only she didn’t use the inflection that might have implied that she was late too. … Read more

Alongside The Mentaloids

This is my fourth week in the University. I’ve been working with nurses and fake cervix dolls for so long now, that I’d forgotten some of my previous jobs. And those previous jobs, while I’ve enjoyed them with a slow frown and a dumb acceptance, have been occasionally shit. According to some friends, I’m capable … Read more

Zoe, The Temp & The Cervix

Following on from the (notsafeforwork) video… more adventures with a cervix! Once upon a time, a young man worked as a temp in a University. He was really lovely, and everyone agreed that he was the most magnificent temp there had ever been. Sometimes people would come in just to look at him, either because … Read more

Video : Intimate Surgery

I’ve made something. It’s video, so if clicksy doesn’t work, do that right-click “Save As” thing. Please look at it. (wmv, 1.4Mb – I tried to do a .mov but it was only 2k and didn’t work. Rasp.)

Working With Nurses

I have just watched someone throw away a video that is shown to registered nurses, informing them how to perform a cervical smear. They threw it away because new guidelines have been issued. I must see this video. Not only will it contain hot fanny spatula action guaranteed, but it will contain out-of-date hot fanny … Read more