I LOVE My Labradoodle by Jennifer

Hi everyone! If there’s anything that I hate about dogs (and there isn’t, because I love everything about dogs) – it’s the fact that they can’t talk. I hate that about dogs so much. I know George isn’t keeping secrets from me – I mean, what secrets could he have? I keep him drugged in the airing cupboard, so it’s not like he has any experiences he’s not sharing with me.
It’s just that.. I can’t be sure he loves me as much as I love him, and that makes me hate him. It’s like someone’s cannibalised my soul and turned me into a paradox machine. If you’re not reading this just after I wrote it, then they just did that to the Tardis on Doctor Who. When I saw it, I just rolled my eyes and said “I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL”. That’s in capitals because I realised after I’d said it that I was screaming.
So this is my cartoon strip! I showed it to George and he tried to put all four of his paws in my face.
Jennifer’s Action Comic Adventure

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