Jennifer's Creepy Night Out: Part One

Hi, Jennifans! Jennifer Tolstoy here – Log’s ex-girlfriend, and the inventor of such words as FRAZY (fun and crazy), CRABULOUS (crazy and fabulous), and HUHNNNNGGGG (a sound I make when someone in the queue in front of me is taking too long, and won’t let me look over their shoulder). I hold the world record … Read more

Jennifer's Pets: A Tragic Video

Hi there, Jennifans! As you all know, my life is amazing, and I have three bags full of crazy fun with every mouthful. However, that’s not to say that my daily life isn’t an agonizing catalogue of loss and regret. It’s because I love so much, and so intensely – the only equivalent I can … Read more

I LOVE My Labradoodle by Jennifer

Hi everyone! If there’s anything that I hate about dogs (and there isn’t, because I love everything about dogs) – it’s the fact that they can’t talk. I hate that about dogs so much. I know George isn’t keeping secrets from me – I mean, what secrets could he have? I keep him drugged in … Read more

Jennifer: Shreds Of Dignity

Hi, Jennifans! Here’s something I did that… well, it makes me want to puke to be honest, but I think it captures Jennifer’s playful, sexy and psychotic nature pretty OK-ish. It’s also convinced me to put that third cake back in the bin. That third delicious cake, whose only sin was to be born so … Read more