Back-Dated Michael Jackson Blog Shows Staggering Empathy, Foresight

I’m a staggeringly sensitive person. I’m perfectly attuned to humanity, and the energy that human emotions transmit along the fibres of the universe. When someone is sad, their sadness consumes me – unless someone is standing between us laughing, in which case I’m struck by a serene sense of balance, and can resume shopping.
But when a force as powerful as Michael Jackson is suffering, it’s like a spear landing in my chakra, and my response is an unearthly spiritual howl, a reality-shearing scream that cuts directly into the higher dimensions. You might have missed it: it’s easy, when your mind is full of the nothing mush of the physical world, to not notice someone screaming in the sixth dimension.
This is why I stood outside, screaming. People need to know what is coming. I am the only one that knows Michael Jackson is going to die.
This is my vision: a shadow spreading over the Kingdom of Pop. A child’s face in the sun, her tears extinguishing the flames. A suddenly-visible moon, presiding over the baronies and feifdoms of pop’s subgenres, basked the peasants tending the paedofields in a ghastly unlight.
The world is coming apart, Pop is ending, and there’s nothing we can do. It’s already happened in my head, and you cannot change what has already happened (in my head).
I give him two days. And that Farah Fawcett looks like she’s got a dicky tit, too

11 thoughts on “Back-Dated Michael Jackson Blog Shows Staggering Empathy, Foresight”

  1. Very true, Homedetoxgirl. I hope you didn’t mind me taking the content of your message to make my blog look moderately more read than it is, whilst removing the link to Home Detox products. I just thought your sentiment was powerful enough without the Home Detox stuff, even though it’s something that you clearly hold dear to your heart, what with you having changed your name to Homedetoxgirl.

  2. I have just watched the memorial show for MJ.Why is it that some people still wear sunglasses whilst on stage? It is so disrespectful. Funny how only blacks have this affectation; what are they trying to hide? lack of talent or confidence or some childish gang culture. They really are very sad and clearly very very thick. Get rid of these cunts, they serve only to rob us and MJ of any dignity

  3. “Funny how only blacks have this affectation; what are they trying to hide? lack of talent or confidence or some childish gang culture.”
    That IS funny, I must have pissed myself for a solid 3 hours after reading that, and then making the connections in my mind with black people who wear sunglasses (I got Stevie Wonder and then couldn’t think of any more). Hilareous. I think Log’s being harsh, if Michael MacIntyre were dead (heaven forfend) then I think you’d be the next in line for his comedy throne – it’s just so true.
    Honestly, if you’re a thinly veiled racist then nowadays no one seems to take you seriously or take in the epoch shattering observations you shit out – it’s like NAZI Germany, in many ways. Worse, in fact, at least Hitler would let you pick on minorities to make yourself feel better – maybe gas a few Jews or burn down a Mosque. In these PC days such a thing would be considered “wrong”.
    In conclusion, detox your home now, before it gets cancer.


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