The Instant Arousal Collection

The videos you are about to watch will do one of two things. If you are a boy, your nuts will inflate to the size of a foam novelty hand. If you are a girl, you will fall to your haunches and make a grubby little puddle at your feet. Either way, once you’ve seen these videos, you will be entirely primed for the lovemaking act.
If you’re watching these videos at work, rest assured – they’re work safe. You’ll be slamming your hands on the monitor and howling like a peacock, but they won’t get you sacked for winklewatching. Sound is a non-essential bonus.

In this breathtaking video we take a sensual journey into the depths of forbidden romance – who cares whether it ends in heartbreak? We must live for today.
This edition was previously shown here.
This clip takes us far beyond love and romance, and into the all-consuming madness that is obsession. When reason succumbs to desire, there can be only one outcome – this video clip.
This clip is a sizzling exposition of modern eroticism set against a historical backdrop of the great lovers. Casanova, Caligula, Stringfellow; all are acknowledged in this violently sexual masterpiece.

Instant Arousalâ„¢ : Creating Turbulence In Your Fundament Since 2003

2 thoughts on “The Instant Arousal Collection”

  1. Thank you ever so much. I have now ‘tossed’ my collection of porn into the bin, for I need it no longer. It’s a good job my iBook is slightly off-white; this will mask the tell-tale signs of my grunting pleasure.
    That chap in the milk video – did he stink afterwards, once the milk had curdled? Please tell me he did.


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