How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Hi there. I’m a film star now, after sporting my ultra-modern beard in this internet video. I didn’t have that much to do with it, apart from reading stuff out and that, but anyway, it’s me, and I’m blogging it. VideoJug: How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse Nyah, He-Man, you broke my staff again.

Jennifer's Pets: A Tragic Video

Hi there, Jennifans! As you all know, my life is amazing, and I have three bags full of crazy fun with every mouthful. However, that’s not to say that my daily life isn’t an agonizing catalogue of loss and regret. It’s because I love so much, and so intensely – the only equivalent I can … Read more

The Secret Of Monkey Irene

Rosy Rockets is a bucket of inspiration. Raz is a pixel genius. I had an argument with an old woman who claimed my dad was fucking my sister in law. I never thought these things would come together, but they have. First, read the post about Irene, because it sets up the whole story. It’s … Read more

Video Weak : TuesdayMovie Pitch & Robot Warriors

Monday / Tuesday It’s Video Week! But I’m not going to make it easy for you – I’m going to write words, too. Stupid, annoying words! THE PITCH Although this was Simon’s baby, I get the absolute fear in situations where I have to “sell an idea”. There’s some humble-valve that stops me from claiming … Read more

Firestarter & Waterboy : Episode 1

Episodes : One : Two : Three Firestarter and Waterboy are Superheroes. Their adventures failed to grace the screens of third generation mobile phones over two years ago, and they died from the only disease that can kill Superheroes – public indifference and biceps cancer. They died in obscurity, although you may be aware of … Read more

The Instant Arousal Collection

The videos you are about to watch will do one of two things. If you are a boy, your nuts will inflate to the size of a foam novelty hand. If you are a girl, you will fall to your haunches and make a grubby little puddle at your feet. Either way, once you’ve seen … Read more