Captain Scarlet's Incredible Adventures Underwater And In Space And France

The Adventures of Captain Scarlet, by Sam. Sam is three and three quarters of a year old, and has illustrated his work with two crayons.

“Hello Captain Scarlet” said Captain Blue “nice to meet you bleep bleep” but Captain Scarlet said “hang on a minute captain blue doesn’t go bleep it’s not allowed” and Captain Scarlet got out a big magnet and Captain Blue’s head fell off. “Just as I thought it’s got custard in and he is a robot” and he licked the custard off his finger and said “THIS IS FRENCH CUSTARD” so he got in a train and went to La Rochelle.
Captain Scarlet got out and there was a Samurai blocking his way. The Samurai said “HELLO MR SCARLET PREPARE TO DIE!” and Captain Scarlet said “that’s CAPTAIN scarlet actually, have a care” and the Samurai said “UH-OH RESPECT ISSUES!” and killed himself. Then Captain Scarlet found three wishes in his pocket and said “I wish my arms were so long that I could feed the children in Africa” and his arms grew to seven thousand miles long and he went to see a play and when he clapped at the end he accidentally slapped George Bush who said “who slapped my president face it had better not have been you Rumsfeld”.
After the play Captain Scarlet went back on his mission and found a trail of custard leading to the leaning tower of pisa. And he met a sad ghost who said “Booooo. I am a ghost because I needed to go to the toilet before I died and I didn’t and now I cannot rest.” Captain Scarlet backflipped and did the splits. “Can you go to the toilet for me please Captain Scarlet?”
“No probs! I needed to go anyway,” and Captain Scarlet wee-weed so hard that it went around the world and hit him on the back of the head with stickers from Peru on it. “Thank you so much” said the ghost and gave Captain Scarlet a mysterious statue. Captain Scarlet gave the ghost the thumbs up, and it went up George Bush’s nose and George Bush said “really this has gone beyond a joke”.
Captain Scarlet rubbed the statue and it went “FPPPFPPFPPFPFPPPP” and sucked Captain Scarlet through a wormhole and he said “oh look there is a big grandfather clock and a caveman” then suddenly he was in the underwater secret base of the robots.
“Oh no it is a custard eater, run away or he’ll eat our custard blood” said the robots and they all ran away except for one that had a headband on. “I am the king of the robots and I am indestructible too so let’s fight” and they fought for TWENTY MINUTES. “you are one tough cookie” said Captain Scarlet. “you are a difficult nut to crack” replied the king of the robots. “that’s nothing, you are a stubborn banana” replied Captain Scarlet. Then Captain Scarlet realised he had a wish left and said “I wish I could do roundhouse kicks” and the king of the robots said “uh-oh” but it was too late and he was dead.
Later on at Captain Scarlet’s house everyone was having tea and jam. “You know what the funny thing is?” said Captain Scarlet and everyone raised their eyebrows. “I don’t eat custard anyway it’s got eggs in” said Captain Scarlet and everyone laughed.

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