Jennifer's Pets: A Tragic Video

Hi there, Jennifans!
As you all know, my life is amazing, and I have three bags full of crazy fun with every mouthful. However, that’s not to say that my daily life isn’t an agonizing catalogue of loss and regret. It’s because I love so much, and so intensely – the only equivalent I can think of, based on what I’ve been doing in the last twenty minutes – is that my love is an EMP bomb. Sure, it knocks out all the electronics and causes chaos, and sure, it’ll damage any friendly security bots you’ve hacked into; but it lets you open that door. The door to love.
The video was briefly unavailable, thanks to a bunch of humourless cunts who think more of their own legal rights than they do of my rights to dick about on the internet. Here it is again, in all the glorious SD of the era

77 thoughts on “Jennifer's Pets: A Tragic Video”

  1. Yay! I’ve finally started reading The Law Of The Playground yesterday and spent all night giggling in exactly the same way as I just did to this video.
    Yes, sycophant is my middle name (as long as you think that’s funny. i’ll change it if you don’t)

  2. I just found out my cat was a girl and, as such I feel the name I have ‘her’ is a bit masculine. I’m going to see how she gets on with catbot 3000.
    So far: Responding reasonably well.

  3. To whom it concerns, you have at least one stolen image in your (rather tasteless) video.
    This image belongs to me. Be advised that you do not have any legal rights to this image.
    Remove it.
    In the event you fail to do so, my solicitor advises me that I am able to begin invoicing you 24 hours from now at the appropriate ‘web use’ image rate.
    The choice is yours.
    Without prejudice
    Yours sincerely
    Michael Buddle.

  4. Dear Michael,
    Do you possess an appropriately signed release form from the talent in your photo that gives you all territory usage rights? I don’t think so. Furthermore, as the design of your website is at least 10 years old I would imagine the talent is now dead and unable to sign such a release.
    I suggest you take up this issue with the estate of the talent, if it has an estate. If not, images of the deceased become public domain after 25 years, which in dog years is 3.5 years.

  5. Hi Richard
    The image of the dog is question that has been used in the video , is well and truly alive!!
    He belongs to my husband (Michael Buddle) and I !!!
    We have the original copy of the image in question.’Joey’
    It has been used without our consent.
    Makes me ‘wonder’ about all the other animal images in that video, where they have all been obtained from? and if the rightful owners are aware of how their ‘pets’ are being portrayed in that video!!

  6. If it’s any help, I am a fully trained animal psychologist, and in my opinion, ALL of the animals in this video would have been delighted to have provided the gift of laughter to all of the people what have viewed it.
    It’s exactly like throwing a stick, but with a video containing humourous suggestions of their causes of death instead of the stick.

  7. richard p frink> You may have broken the sarcasm detector, however the humour meter is yet to budge…
    mansh> you’re an anthropomorphic fool, besides that you’re an ordinary everyday fool to believe all of the animals depicted in this slideshow even belonged to the person who created it. Let alone your apparent belief that they are all dead.

  8. The video: made me giggle a bit.
    The outraged twats posting pitiful substanceless legal threats here: made me laugh all day.
    As for saying that taking images from the internet is ‘pretty low’, get a grip. Killing Maddie and dumping her body in a Lisbon slaughterhouse; now THAT was pretty low.

  9. I don’t wish to cast any aspertions here, but I’m pretty sure that anyone who makes unsubstantiated, impossible-to-enforce legal threats because they’re too stupid to differenciate between fiction and reality is almost certainly the sort of person who would abduct and rape a 6 year old girl.
    Furthermore, humourless self-righteousness in a comment is a cast-iron indicator that the maker of said comment is a breathtakingly prolific paedophile who almost certainly still wets the bed.
    And I’m afraid that I’m pretty sure that seeing a picture of ones pet in a video, then freaking out and drawing people’s attention to the fact that one of the pets is yours, when otherwise no-one would have had the faintest idea, is the action of a man and woman who get their sexual thrills by jacking open a teenagers vagina with forceps until it starts to tear, then filling it with cider vinegar.
    All in all, it’s not looking too good for Michael and co.

  10. Good Afternoon
    I am the ghost of Roger Whittaker. Despite ridiculous internet and media-invented stories to the contrary, I am dead and have been for over 34 years. I therefore in a strong position to argue about the psychological harm that can be caused by people claiming that one is alive when in fact one is all dead and made of bones and worms and stuff.
    On behalf of all the dead pets referred to in that video, I wish to express my dismay and disgust at the hurtful and obscene claims of Ms Buddle and her civil life-partner Mr Angel that the said pets are very much alive.
    Via a medium I have consulted my solicitor, who has agreed to initiate a class action suit against the two of you for damages in excess of £25,000 plus indemnity costs on behalf of the said deceased quadrapeds. That action will be accompanied by an injunction under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 forbidding further posting of ridiculous and spurious legal threats over the internet. As your own solicitor has no doubt informed you, the penalty for breach of such an injunction is being put in the stocks and pelted the liquid baby excrement.
    Roger Whittaker (deceased)

  11. To whom it may concern,
    Hi! My name is Conor. I have spent the last 24 hours looking at the INTERNETS, and have discovered that it contains some stuff that I don’t like and at least one picture of my pet, Ruth.
    Remove it.
    If the internet is not deleted IN ITS ENTIRETY by this time tomorrow, my solicitor advises me that I can begin having a snot bubble tantrum in the middle of a cyber-cafe, escalating to wailing and tears as required.
    With extreme prejudice
    Conor Bingotits III
    p.s Hi Michael Bubble. I have a facebook profile. Wanna be friends? Chk me out!! Picturs of my PETS can be found. :))))

  12. My name appears next to this comment. You have therefore stolen it and used it without my permission. Delete it immediately, or my legal team will be round your house and will bash your face in with a big back of liquid socks.
    Whine whine whine nim stolen nim image nim. Fuck’s sake.

  13. What part “All rights reserved” do you all not understand? It’s really very simple.
    “All rights reserved” means the owner chooses when and to whom he authorizes the right to use the photo. You’re breaking the law if you didn’t ask permission to use it in the video.
    All the name-calling sarcastic responses in the world will not change that fact.
    See? Very simple.

  14. What part of “we’d steal flowers from Maddie’s grave, so why the fuck are we going to pay attention to a line of text on the internet?” don’t YOU understand?

  15. While I’ve got my legal eagle hat on, “All Rights Reserved” hasn’t meant anything for a long time. Look it up. It certainly doesn’t mean all that crap you spouted. You didn’t even do a google search, numbnuts. Learning point for you to take back to the shelter for abused children; know what the fuck you’re talking about before posting to the internet.

  16. Actually, I don’t understand what Maddie’s grave, which doesn’t exist since she’s still “missing,” has to do with “a line of text on the internet.” Sounds like you’re involved in her abduction as well as stealing. Was that your intent?

  17. I note you didn’t address the utter toss of your previous post that I pointed out. Still, to deal with your actual response, I used the theft of flowers from Maddie’s grave as an example of the kind of crime we’d happily carry out, thus indicating to everyone whose father didn’t sell them to child porn producers that violating copyrights was hardly somehting that would cause us a problem.
    As for lines of text on the internet, that’s what you’re fucking reading. The way you say Maddie is “missing” gives the impression that to you she’s not missing. Which would make you some kind of child-abductor. Can we have your autograph?

  18. Well, your legal eagle hat needs refurbishing. The only thing you got correct was that I didn’t do a Google search today, because I have lots of copyright information already bookmarked. My nuts aren’t numb ’cause I don’t have any; and I have nothing whatsoever to do with any shelter for abused children. You should heed you own advice about knowing what the fuck you’re talking about before posting to the internet. Try reading a real lawyer’s explanation:
    Then try and convince someone else that “All Rights Reserved” hasn’t meant anything for a long time.”

  19. “missing” as opposed to “in a grave” where you could steal flowers, unless I’ve missed some late breaking news story that her body’s been found and her funeral has been held.

  20. What a minute, let me get this straight, this video contains an image taken from the internet?
    Michael Buddle mate, give me a call, we’ll combine legal resources and take this scum down, down to China town.

  21. Mister Nash, it’s come to my attention that you look at pictures on the internet without the express permission of the owner. I’m taking you down… downTOWN.

  22. thekidds: Post a picture of yourself with as much legal jargon posted over and around it as you like; I guarantee within five minutes I’ll have it back up on here and you’ll have an enormous comedy moustache and a big cock sticking into your mouth, possibly belonging to that dead horse you keep flogging*.
    *If I can get it into the picture. Post one with some space and I’ll see what I can do.
    PS Is your first name “I like to inappropriately touch”?

  23. Can you tell me which of the pictures is your dog? I’m wanking over several of them right now and the thought of your scowling impotent face would be just the thing to put me over the edge.

  24. The thing I love most about this is that I’ve wound up such a vocal group of dullards. (Check the YouTube comments for a more weighted-towards-the-other-side account of the argument)
    Seriously, what’s the worst that your foot-stamping demands will get you? Get the video taken down off YouTube? Slow claps all around!
    You clearly have a misguided sense of how seriously other people take you, and indeed, life. It wasn’t my intention to outrage a fug of witless intertards, but it’s been the most satisfying side effect. I’m bouyed with optimism, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the outrage of cunts. God, I love you stupid fucking cunts.

  25. This comment from thekidds on YouTube is classic;
    “Jennifer is the one who needs to get a real life of her own instead of taking over parts of someone else’s.”
    Poor Jennifer. She really should get a real life.

  26. I really do not understand what all this fuss is about. Log is such a jolly fellow, it is truly saddening when his little japes are so badly misunderstood.
    Why, I remember it was only last year when he broke into our house and stole a Polaroid of our downs afflicted daughter getting mouth-raped by her care assistant. You should have seen the glee on his rosy cheeked face when he was handing out the novelty printed mouse mats, what a scamp he is!
    Now, you don’t see us getting all uppity about it, do you?

  27. If you have a particularly strong grievance, please call Jennifer on 020 7193 7597. It might be on answerphone, because she’s very upset at the moment, but do leave a message. She’ll get back to you.

  28. Tasteless garbage and obviously someone has far too much time on their hands. AND stealing other peoples images of their beloved pets. You make me sick and I hope you go to hell.

  29. Nope, I’ve checked that handbook I left you all and there isn’t a single injunction regarding pets OR internet pictures.
    What there is is stuff about loving your neighbor, forgiving people and never never never masturbating, so their little miss “soon to get the devils fiery pitchfork up th4 jacksie”, Samantha.

  30. Judging from the spelling errors, I would be guessing that some people have had no education and obviously no morals. I hope this filth and violation of peoples rights comes to a stop and that my final word. Am sure you are thrilled.

  31. Hay Samantha! I hope you keep on wishing hell and damnation on people, because I really think it strengthens your case for moral superiority. Either you have no sense of perspective or proportion, in which case you’re a demented cunt who needs to be locked up, or you don’t really believe in the reality of eternal agonising damnation, which makes your comments pretty meaningless. Which are you? Mad, or meaningless?
    Oh, sorry – that was your last word. Let’s just say you’re both, and a slut to boot. As for spelling errors, you missed out an apostrophe, you atrocious slice of twat padding. To quote your good self, “and that my final word”.

  32. Immorality points have been totted up:
    Using a picture without permission – One immorality point.
    Wishing someone eternal pain – Infinite immorality points.
    I can’t believe I have to point this out, but that’s religious fuckwads for you. Utterly unable to count.

  33. Hey, I’m stood right here, you son of a bitch!
    Dissing my flock! I’m so going to get my dad on you!
    In other news, Samantha? Spazmantha more like.

  34. I had no idea that Christians were quite so viciously passionate about static images of dogs. This is a great day of learning for us all, I feel.

  35. absolute genius… god, laugh, i thought i’d never stand up…
    i now have to insert the words joyed plaza in order not to be mistaken for a machine
    luv n pies

  36. I think that Raz’s educational experience here has validated the use of any and all pictures under the fair use provision in copyright law, so suck my furry yellow wheelchair.

  37. Dudes, all you angry people are fucking pathetic, hehe. You should listen to some easy music and get yourselves a sense of humour. Light was right, as always.
    Funny video, i giggled drunkenly for 5 minutes straight. Believe me, that’s good.

  38. Hi Mr and Mrs. Buddel,
    I have read through the comments on this site (even the vicious ones from the idiots) and have total sympathy with you.
    However, as a regular flickr myself I have wondered on the copyright system when used in conjunction with flickr. Unfortunately, when photos are uploaded there is no copyright details. Also – if you look in the help file it confirms this: when you set the privacy options on the photo to “Public” rather than “private” it appears that it nullifies any prerequisites over copyright. This rather annoyingly makes them fair game for any Internet users.
    All the best with the court case
    Ms. Caroline Dickinson

  39. “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party.”
    That’s the most upsetting thing I’ve ever read. On YouTube.
    Here’s 50p for the fighting fund.

  40. Fucking hell, when did this happen? I can’t believe how taking other peoples pictures off the internet to use in a non-profit generating video for the amusement of others is “really low” (how are you going to live with THAT on your conscience, Log?). It’s their fucking cats and dogs as well, hardly an image of a downer with spaghetti hoops in his nose stolen from his mother’s website with the phrase “ngh ngh ngha” emblazoned beneath is it?
    If i’ve learnt anything from the Internet (LOADZ BTW) it’s that the people who comment videos on YouTube are massive, MASSIVE wankers; reading the demented opinions that they somehow bash into their keyboards with their closed fists SLOWLY KILLS ME INSIDE AND MAKES ME DEPRESSED ABOUT HUMANITY. No really.

  41. I can’t believe people bitch and moan when they upload stuff to the internet.
    I know loads of people who won’t use internet banking as “it’s not totally secure and I hear that Nigerian 419ers steal your details and go fishing with them and then use your money to buy crack and drugs and then import them to England to sell to your children at the school gate. It’s true, I read it in the Dai*y Ma*l”. Yet these people will happily post pictures of their house and kids, pets, food mixers, onto online blogs and photoalbums to share with friends. Duh!
    Since when has a blog been electronically safer than a huge financial institution which does most, nay nearly all of its transactions via the electronic realm? If you’re that paranoid about your money, how come you don’t share the same fear and paranoia about your kids? If you’re so worried, DON’T POST IT ON THE INTERNET COS THE BADMEN MIGHT DO NAUGHTIES WITH IT!

  42. yeah, they’re embarrassing to the whole country – we thought we were embarrassed by our redneck PM, but fucking Michael Buddle and friends. Jesus Fuck.
    By the way: “Excommunicated to death by a million popes’ – genius.

  43. Australian? What heinous mind-game is this?. I naturally assumed, from the air of frothing self-righteousness and general imbecility, that we were dealing with our old friends the americans.
    My prejudices are all of a tizzy. I’m knocked into a cocked cock. Which, whilst pleasant enough, isn’t where I planned to be this morning.
    God save the King!

  44. Raz (if that is indeed your name). I hardly beleive that someone of your low standards would be able to afford to live anywhere near me.
    Unless anyones got anything sensible to say I think the matter is pretty obviosuley over.

  45. Caroline (if that is indeed your name)
    You seem to subscribe to the theory that only people as grey and humourless as you earn any real money. It’s true in many cases, Caroline, but not all. Keep reading the Daily Mail; it’ll help maintain those vital blinkers that enable you to function on a day-to-day basis using vital lies about this country and the world in general.
    You additionally appear to be under the impression that Southwold is some sort of “elite’s paradise” for people such as you. It really isn’t, love. You’re just one of many thousands of of vapid Southwold tarts who trundles into work each day to eke out your shriekingly vapid existence. Absolutely nothing about you is special. You could be replicated by a BBC Micro. In fact, if one tried to replicate you, it would probably make you 80% more interesting and vital.
    Also: invest in a spellcheck. Or – better yet – learn how to type; seriously, this will make you look like less of a stupid cunt. Whatever your high-paid job is, clearly it doesn’t require basic GCSE-level literacy.
    Finally: what the fuck do you know about my standards, you pointless saggy-titted old bitch.
    To quote one of your friends: “You make me sick and I hope you go to hell.”
    And THAT is the matter being over, I think you’ll find.
    Raz Webster

  46. Don’t worry, Raz. Southwold will probably disappear under the sea at some point in the next few decades. And when it does, the world will be a little less grey.

  47. Caroline, I really don’t think your snobish attack on Raz does you any favours.
    Now why don’t you wander down to Gun Hill take in the fresh air and marvel at the glow of the nuclear power station.
    Southwold. Good beer, good fish and chips, smashing lighthouse but the people? Oh so inbred.

  48. Man, the Jennifer’s Pets video was one of the highlights of last summer. it was so good I almost wet my pants. I am *pained* that I can’t show it to everyone I know… can you give us some sort of hint as to where else we might find it these days?

  49. People rest assured. I have spent the best part of a year taking photographs of everyone’s pets in Southwold before they are claimed by the North Sea (or is it the channel? ). Anyway I would like to propose a tricky legal question. If I have taken photos of Caroline’s cats and give them to Jennifer to make another video, can the either the cats, or Caroline start legal proceedings against me?
    P.S. Caroline, whilst hiding in various states of undress around your property in June of this year I feel that I may have fallen in love with you. I have some very disturbing pictures of you. I don’t find them disturbing you understand, but my mum tells me that you may.


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