Talking To People You Fancy

THE CONVERSATION “Hello.” “Hi.” “This is my boyfriend.” “Your ex-boyfriend?” “No. My boyfriend.” “Oh. Hope you’re happy together!” When you find someone sexually attractive, it’s only right that you imagine having sex with them. You mentally undress them, you look at their trousers and imagine an eighteen thousand inch penis with a ghostly beckoning finger … Read more

Kiss My Eyes, Will You?

There’s so many things I’m willing to do in the name of sex. That’s not to say I’m an innovator, far from it. I’m more of a “whatever you say” participant, who pulls away from a grubby clinch to frown at an imaginary audience. That audience knows what I’m going through, poking and nudging every … Read more

Walking In The Countryside Is The Fun

Walking… one of the things that we have, as cool and scientific humans, eradicated. Why walk when we can drive, ski, and grab onto the legs of genetically supersized eagles? One of the internet’s foremost authorities on walking is Wendy Bumgardner, and that’s the fearsome truth, sister. Go on, google it. With Wendy Bumgardner at … Read more

Let's Poo It

Victoria Wood’s barnstorming encore song, The Ballad of Barry and Freda, introduced to the nation the erotic notion of spanking people on the bottom with a Woman’s Weekly. She started it, did Victoria. Likewise with Hostess Trolleys. The very idea of being bent backwards over a hostess trolley sent shivers of innovation through upper-working class … Read more