Retrospective Dripfood

I worked, indirectly, for 3 Mobile Phones. Myself and Simon Swatman spent two years writing animation scripts and making video stuff for the early adopters of 3G. We produced hours of this stuff. And some of it was quite good. Obviously whole reams of it were shit designed to please early adopting idiots, but we managed to slip some stuff through that wasn’t awful.
The problem was, nobody was really there to watch it. Those people who’d bought the phone found that simply turning it on drained the battery so quickly, that actually using it to make calls or download videos seemed like recklessness. So nobody saw our clips. Sad face.
Well… here’s three of them – they’ve been on display at Mediapill for a while, so basically this is blatant laziness on my part, but I’m going to sort through my archive at home and get a few more down to web size. In the meantime, let your gaze wearily flicker over this bunch of crap.

Instant Arousal

[1.8Mb, .wmv : Instant Arousal, Starring My Hand]

Instant Arousal

[1.0Mb, .wmv : Accident Man, starring Lorcan Finnegan]

Instant Arousal

[1.9Mb, .wmv : In The Garden With Dennis. That’s Me, Is That]

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