Firestarter & Waterboy : Episode 1

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Firestarter and Waterboy are Superheroes. Their adventures failed to grace the screens of third generation mobile phones over two years ago, and they died from the only disease that can kill Superheroes – public indifference and biceps cancer. They died in obscurity, although you may be aware of the Adam Sandler movie and Prodigy song named after them. (Note clever reversal there, reality is mine to play with.)
The Adventures of Firestarter and Waterboy are rendered lovingly in wmv video files. “What?” you are screaming! “But this kind of thick-lined, simply-drawn and garishly-coloured low frame rate animation would be ideally suited to the earliest versions of Flash!” And you’re right. It just didn’t work out that way and I’m sorry.
The Professor Fate Quadrology #1 : Oh Noes Were Tide To Wall

In this first exciting instalment, we join our heroes in the sparsely decorated laboratory of Professor Fate. They have been captured in a really high-budget fight scene where everyone used their powers. Sadly, they remain pretty much motionless for the duration of this scene, apart from to talk a bit and look at each other. But the badly-timed dialogue is quite well lip-synched, so it’s not all bad.

[Reader clicks pic for ACTION]

PS : I am Firestarter and Professor Fate, Simon is Waterboy, And I Forgot Who Did The Animation. These are good credits ‘cos I did most.

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