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It’s Video Week! But I’m not going to make it easy for you – I’m going to write words, too. Stupid, annoying words!
Although this was Simon’s baby, I get the absolute fear in situations where I have to “sell an idea”. There’s some humble-valve that stops me from claiming that anything I’ve done, or any idea I’ve had, is anything other than hugely flawed.
Of course, I’m being cunning here, and making myself sound modest. In actual fact, it’s pure cowardice. If I say I hate my idea first, then it doesn’t matter what you think – I’ve already distanced myself. It’s safe, and it gets nothing done. Excellent.
DES : Listen… I’ve got this idea. It’s not brilliant, and I haven’t really worked out the details yet. It’s just a little idea – well, more of an absraction, really – just a skeleton.
ADOLF : Go on.
DES : OK… you probably won’t agree, and that’s fine… but I was just thinking about having a massive Kristallnacht then killing all the Jews. No, forget it, terrible idea.
ADOLF : Yes, let’s move on.
And we all know how THAT one ended. A decent idea, lost to the conniving, gobby demagogue. For the purposes of this analogy, I have assumed that genocide and holocausts are “decent ideas”. You might disagree.
In this clip, although I’m voicing the blustering blowhard, because I like shouting into microphones, I do get a little bit angry for Tommy, doomed to get shouted over by enthusiastic salespeople with all the volume and no fucking clue.

When you’re writing animations, it’s always nice to give the animators a helping hand. Lip synching can be time-consuming and tedious – so why not have a cartoon that features robots, whose talking-grills would just light up when they’re talking? That would free up the animator to put all kinds of pleasing nuances into other aspects of the cartoon! Or, as this clip demonstrates, not.
Background : The Robot Warriors of Quadrant F are a formidable race of steel creatures. Robot X and Y are the foot soldiers, Robot Z is the boss, and Robot Q is the enigmatic creation who talks like a girl and wears a jumper his mum made. This strip perhaps shows myself and Simon operating at the very trough of our vocal powers.

More moving video shit tomorrow. Sigh!

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  1. Well how will you know I’ve posted it, if you’ve boycotted the blog, you big dong? I’ll do it on Monday, after the AMAZING VIDEO WEEK. On Friday I’m going to post myself, smearing myself against a mirror. It promises to be super-hot!


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