Adam Mason: An Apology

Nottingham’s Premier Cha-Mobile Enthusiast Adam Mason was a child with a learning disability. He was taught that the world was a safe and indulgent place, by the girls who’d surround and protect him all playtime. He called himself Cha-Man, and not without reason: for the duration of his break periods, while I was doing handstands … Read more

IDST : The Rules

Unbelievably, some people have asked me what I’m talking about. What is IDST, they ask, before putting a slipper on their hands and saying “DID I DO RIGHT MNNNNGGGGG”. So, Lesson Zero : IDST stands for If Destroyed, Still True. You add it to a written insult to ensure that the person you are insulting … Read more

Holy Fuck, Is That The Time?

Video Week has been cut short! Why’s that? I’ll tell you for whys! I got really, really, distracted. A) I was chatting to loads of people on MSN Messenger and they were all like “come on join the party” and I came back with “you better get this party started cos I’m the kinda guy … Read more

Law of the Playground : A Typical Hour's Editing

If you’re here, chances are you’ll have been to the Law of the Playground, and you’ll obviously have bought the book. You’ll have marvelled at the highly-polished and consistently hilarious entries, and gone “awoo” at the adorably frank tales of mental and genital mutilation. I’ve let my backlog of submissions grow again – this is … Read more