Firestarter & Waterboy : Episode 1

Episodes : One : Two : Three Firestarter and Waterboy are Superheroes. Their adventures failed to grace the screens of third generation mobile phones over two years ago, and they died from the only disease that can kill Superheroes – public indifference and biceps cancer. They died in obscurity, although you may be aware of … Read more


Apparently there’s a code of mutual respect amongst tattooed people; you don’t look at another man’s tattoos, wince in disbelief and say “what the fuck were you thinking, man? That’s not gonna come off, you know! You do know that, right? Everyone knows that. For fuck’s sake! Why didn’t you just cut your dick off … Read more

The Instant Arousal Collection

The videos you are about to watch will do one of two things. If you are a boy, your nuts will inflate to the size of a foam novelty hand. If you are a girl, you will fall to your haunches and make a grubby little puddle at your feet. Either way, once you’ve seen … Read more

Big Judge Ito's "Gee! That's Neat-o!"

Hi! I’m Judge Ito! Remember me? That’s right, I was the guy who whacked a fountain pen in some chick’s neck. Man, the weather sure was close that day – it was hotter than a goblin’s ass-crack. You know, this planet we share is a crazy place – for example, did you know that marmots … Read more

Retrospective Dripfood

I worked, indirectly, for 3 Mobile Phones. Myself and Simon Swatman spent two years writing animation scripts and making video stuff for the early adopters of 3G. We produced hours of this stuff. And some of it was quite good. Obviously whole reams of it were shit designed to please early adopting idiots, but we … Read more

Indiscretion Helpdesk: Time Pirate 1988

The reasons I left my one porn DVD on my desk a week ago is lost in the shrouds of time. Let’s not go into my absolute inability to cover my tracks and be secretive – the same inability that makes me; Lend my laptop with all my passwords in it to a jealous (and … Read more

Pride Is Just A Whistle Away

Pride Festivals are all about one thing. They’re not about cultivating the satisfaction taken in your life’s achievements. They’re not about topless musclemen conspiring to feed you a poisonous blend of jealousy and arousal. They’re not even about sitting in a field between the noteless thud of three different music tents, drinking warm white wine … Read more

Zoe, The Temp & The Cervix

Following on from the (notsafeforwork) video… more adventures with a cervix! Once upon a time, a young man worked as a temp in a University. He was really lovely, and everyone agreed that he was the most magnificent temp there had ever been. Sometimes people would come in just to look at him, either because … Read more